Online Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Academy, and how does it work?

The Academy program is sponsored by a coalition of radiology organizations and builds on educational programs and resources available through multiple societies. The courses themselves are being offered either on-line or at in-person meetings. The Academy is seeking to organize the education you pursue to ensure that you are exposed to content across the critical domains of leadership and management.

Medical imaging professionals can earn an ARLM Certificate of Achievement by earning 50 education credits- at least 30 credits in-person- across a spectrum of core learning domains, including

  • Financial Skills
  • Human Resources
  • Professionalism
  • Legal/Contracting
  • Academic Mission
  • General Management

A maximum of 20 credits from courses offered by organizations other than one of the five major sponsors can be applied toward the certificate. A requirement of at least three credits in each of the ARLM core learning domains is needed. Private practice doctors are not required to fulfill the Academic Mission domain requirement.

How do I get started?
Create an account. After your account is created, mark the courses you have completed by using the check boxes in the course catalog section. View your progress through the View Credits/Credit Tracker to identify the areas needed for application.

How long do I have to complete the requirements?
Courses taken over a three-year period can be applied to the certificate requirements.

Is there a fee?
The only fees associated with the ARLM certificate program are those related to taking the courses listed in the course catalog. No additional fee applies.

How do I apply?
To apply for the ARLM Certificate of Achievement you will need to claim all courses you have taken in the course catalog. Once the criteria have been met click the Submit button in the View Credits/Credit Tracker. Your completed courses will be verified. Certification processing can take up to four weeks from submission.

What do I get?
Successful earners of the certificate will receive an ARLM Certificate of Achievement, will be recognized through ribbons and/or signage at the Annual Meetings of the participating organizations, will have their name featured in an Honor Roll accessible on the ARLM website, and can arrange to have a letter confirming their accomplishment sent to individuals they specify at time of certificate award.

Can Residents and Fellows earn an ARLM Certificate of Achievement?
Yes. For all in-person courses you must register for the course through claiming CME or signing in with meeting personnel. A record of your attendance in each in-person course is required.

If I take other courses relevant to one of the domains, can I apply them to the certificate requirements?
No, only courses listed in the course catalog can be counted toward earning the certificate. However, interested organizations can submit their courses and programs to the ARLM Steering Committee for approval to be added to the list of qualified resources.

So, if there is a course you plan to take that you wish to apply toward the certificate, you can suggest that the sponsors submit the program for approval to the ARLM Steering Committee by contacting us at

What is the difference between the ARLM and the Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI)
The goals of the ARLM and RLI programs are very similar; however they differ in approach. The Academy program is sponsored by a coalition of radiology organizations and builds on educational programs and resources available through multiple societies. The Radiology Leadership Institute, sponsored by the ACR, is building dedicated educational programming that can be pursued by interested parties as well as offering credit for programs offered by affiliate organizations and graduate business schools. Information about the RLI can be found at Individuals are encouraged to pursue the approach that best meets their needs and preferences.

Can I get credit for participating in an RLI webinar course?
Yes, select RLI recorded webinars can be claimed towards earning your ARLM Certificate of Achievement. To view the RLI webinars available for ARLM credit, visit the course catalog.

How do I take an American Association for Physician Leadership Course?
Courses from the American Association for Physician Leaderhship are available at the member rate for all registered ARLM account holders. To view AAPL courses available for ARLM credit, visit our online catalog. To receive the member rate please create an account through the portal at

For additional questions please contact us at